USGS Birdseye Inscription

About the 1923 USGS inscription

It’s pretty difficult to spot but keep your eyes peeled for a small sandbar with a big rock nestled on top of it underneath an overhang on river right. Pull over at the downstream end and look for a chipped inscription of USGS and a rock hammer. It’s somewhat faint and not much larger than a hand, but it’s there. This is from the 1923 USGS survey, known as the Birdseye Expedition.

birdseye inscription close up

Look carefully. You should make out the rock hammer fairly easily and just underneath is USGS. The “GS” is very hard to see but it’s there.

birdseye expedition inscription location

If you’re looking for this feature you’ll be able to spot it as it’s somewhat unusual looking for this section of canyon.

Downstream end of the small sand bar, circled to help you find it. Please do not touch!