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About Hot Na Na

Located approximately half a mile above House Rock Rapid, Hot Na Na has been listed by the NPS as a medium sized camp.

Hot Na Na flash flooding

On 8/15/22, Hot Na Na wash flashed, causing significant degradation of the camp, particularly the upper end of it. A private party was here at the time and was able to avoid any injuries. Austin Bergeron, a member of the private party said that the flash “…completely obliterated the upper Hot Na Na camp” but the lower end “survived”. Their photos and videos of the experience are below.

We were really lucky. We had some delays in getting to camp, and had just started derig the boats when it hit. We were able to get everyone onto the boats safely. Once we’d sat in the eddy for about an hour we assessed that it was safe enough to return to the beach and grab the remaining gear. If we hadn’t been delayed, we would have been sitting ducks with people in tents, bathing, cooking, drinking, etc. Night had fallen by that point and we were just a few hundred yards above House, which we didn’t want to run in the dark. We found a suitable spot just a few hundred yards downstream on river right to get dry, have a quick meal, and sleep. A few of us followed eddy lines back upstream the next morning to check things out. We saw the effects of flashing for the next week or so, as tires and dead livestock were spotted all along the channel. -Austin Bergeron