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Costa Rica Kayaking

Rio Pejibaye – Costa Rica

Get ready for the big stuff by lapping the Pejibaye. Great for those learning to kayak or as a warm-up run for other Costa Rica rivers. This short, beautiful stretch of whitewater has easy access and is close to Turrialba.

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Pacuare Outdoor Center is the leading outfitter on the Pejibaye River. Located in nearby Turrialba, they also offer lodge trips on the Pacuare River. Learn more about Pacuare Outdoor Center.

About This Pejibaye Guide

This guide gives very basic waypoints for the commercial Pejibaye run. It lacks medium and high water information.


You don’t need a four-wheel drive vehicle on this shuttle as there is easy road access. You can easily set a shuttle yourself or hire someone. Get in touch with Pacuare Outdoor Center if you would like to hire a guide or shuttle driver.


Like many rivers in this area, the Pejibaye River can flood easily. It is important to not be on the water if it is rising or if rain is in the forecast. Additionally, the river and rapids are in constant flux and change often. What was once a Class II rapid can shift with a flood and be a completely different rapid overnight. Channels close off while others open up.

Be on the lookout for strainers as those can be common on this stretch.

Pejibaye River – Class II, III & IV

A popular family-friendly river, this is considered the Costa Rica warm-up for kayakers and rafters before they tackle the more challenging runs in the area. Simple logistics make this an easy run to knock out. The rapids are more or less continuous and the trees overhang for much of the canyon creating a green rooftop canopy that feels like a Disney movie.

Kilometer 0 – Confluence Put-in

The confluence of the Rio Pejibaye (left stream) and the Rio Palmito (right stream) is located here. The combined flow gives you enough juice to start a trip. This is the start of the run, but is above the more common put-in, which is downstream.

Kilometer 0.0 – Los Juntos

Class IV. Out the gate is Class III/IV whitewater for the next 0.6 KM.

Kilometer 1.2 – School Put-In

River Left. This is the most common put-in used on the Pejibaye as it cuts out the above Class IV. To use this put-in, you need to get a key, which you can borrow for a small fee of 1000 colones per person.

Kilometer 1.2 thru 6.7 – Class II/III Whitewater

Class III. Numerous Class II and III rapids pepper the next 5 kilometers.

Kilometer 3.7 – Quebrada Cacao

River Left. Cacaco Creek comes in on the left.

Kilometer 4.7 – Bridge

A bridge crosses here.

Kilometer 6.1 – Tree Island

The most common line is the right one around the tree island.

Kilometer 6.3 – Rio Gato Confluence

River Right. Rio Gato comes in just below the tree island.

Kilometer 6.7  – Take-out:

River Left. The left cobble bar makes for the takeout. You’re likely to find many people here on weekends hanging out and swimming.

Kilometer 7.7  – Bridge Take-out:

River Right. You can add an additional kilometer to the run by taking out at the highway bridge.

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