With the exception of long multi-days, California seems to have it all. Mellow Class II? Done. Easily accessible Class V? It’s there. Beautiful, pristine, wilderness trips? Absolutely. Not surprisingly, most of the runs are located in the northern part of the state, but some rivers in Southern California – particularly the Kern – pack a long season with a multitude of whitewater.

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SectionGuidebookRiverRegionLength of Trip (Days)RatingPermitInfo Quality
Upper KernView GuidebookKern RiverSouthern CA0.5VariesRequired.
Lower KernView GuidebookKern RiverSouthern CA0.5 - 2Class IVRequired.
Forks of the KernView GuidebookKern RiverSouthern CA1 - 3Class VRequired.
Brush CreekView GuidebookBrush CreekSouthern CA0.5Class V+Not required.
TuolumneView GuidebookTuolumneCentral CA1 - 2Class IV+Required.
Lower KlamathView GuidebookKlamath RiverNorthern CA0.5 - 4VariesNot required.
South Fork of the AmericanView GuidebookAmerican RiverNorthern CA0.5 - 2Class IIIRequired.
Middle Fork of the American RiverView GuidebookAmerican RiverNorthern CA1 - 2Class IV+Not required
Oregon Hole GorgeView GuidebookSmith River Northern CA0.5Class IV+ Not required
South Fork of the Smith RiverView GuidebookSmith River Northern CA0.5 Class IV+ Not required
Scott RiverView GuidebookScott RiverNorthern CA0.5 Class VNot required
Cal Salmon RiverView GuidebookCal Salmon RiverNorthern CA0.5 - 1Class VNot required
East Fork of the Carson RiverView GuidebookEast Fork of the Carson RiverCentral CA 0.5 - 1Class IIINot required