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Rec Stretch Rogue River Rafting Guidebook

This guidebook is for the Rec Stretch section of the Rogue River. Click here for the Wild and Scenic Rogue River guidebook. 

The “Rec Stretch” of the Rogue is the immediate section above the Wild and Scenic corridor of the Rogue River. This section is done either as a mellow full day and shorter or as an add-on to the multi-day portion of the Rogue as it feeds right into it.

About this guide

This guide outlines the Rec Stretch of the Rogue River.

All data points were collected using GPS. These locations were checked against Google Earth for accuracy. Distances are the averages of repeated trips that were GPSed.

Put-ins and take-outs include links to their Google Map locations. Use this to accurately build shuttle directions.

River Info

The Rec Stretch of the Rogue River is a 14 mile section, mostly with calm water, but with many Class II rapids to keep you entertained.


The Rec Stretch of the Rogue River is a beginner to intermediate river run. While there are sections that are mellow Class II, take into account numerous other challenges such as strainers, and sieves. As a private boater, make sure you join a party that has recent Rogue River experience.


A Rogue River Use Permit is not required for this section. However, A permit is required to run the section below Grave Creek Boat Ramp. Be sure to take out at or above Grave Creek Boat Ramp here out of courtesy to the rangers, the river, and other boaters.

Rogue River Flow
Gauge data provided by the USGS

Many boaters will put-in on this section to extend their Wild and Scenic Rogue trip or to avoid congestion at the Grave Creek boat launch. Keep in mind, your Wild and Scenic Rogue permit must be picked up the day of your permit launch at the Smullin Visitor Center. Logistically, the simplest way to do this is to drive to the Visitor Center with your equipment, have them check over the required items, issue the permit and then drive to your preferred put-in location and start the trip. If you float to the Visitor Center prior to getting your permit, you may have to hike the required items up to the ranger for them to check.

Based in Southern Oregon, Indigo Creek Outfitters is the closest outfitter to the Rogue River. In addition to the Rogue Riverr they operate on the Upper and Lower Klamath and Nugget section of the Rogue.

Send a message to Indigo Creek Outfitters.

Rec Stretch – Rogue River Comprehensive Guide

WARNING: Conditions change frequently and may make this guide useless. This guide is NOT a replacement for sound judgment or experience.

Class II Rapid

Class II rapid or river feature.

Put-In / Take-Out

The most commonly used access points.

Point of Interest

These include private property and creeks.

Fun Zone

Well known surf waves, jump rock locations, and safe swim areas


Riverside camping locations.

Rec Stretch – Class II

The Rec Stretch is located just upstream of the Wild & Scenic section of the Rogue. This section offers wonderful scenery and numerous Class II rapids to enjoy. It is a much mellower alternative to the Wild & Scenic scenic section, and does not require a permit. Some boaters will add this section to a Wild & Scenic Rogue trip, but it can also be enjoyed as a full day or a half day trip.


Hog Creek County Park to Grave Creek Boat Ramp is 14.15 miles.



Feet per Mile

Hog Creek County Park to Grave Creek Boat Ramp is ~10 FPM

Shuttle Time

Hog Creek County Park to Grave Creek Boat Ramp is ~45 minutes round trip. Google Map directions.

Mile 0 – Hog Creek Put-In: River Right. This can be a busy access point, shared by fishermen, day use and multi-day put-ins. There are other, further access points up river from here, but they are infrequently used for any trip that is going past Grave Creek.

Mile 0.25 – Hog Creek Rapid: Class II. Avoid the rock at the bottom right. The end of this rapid marks the beginning of Hell Gate Canyon.

Mile 0.77 – Hellgate Canyon Viewpoint: River Right. This is a big turnout and viewpoint that’s off the highway. This also marks the entrance to Hellgate Canyon.

Mile 1.05 – Dunn Riffle: Class II. A splashy, read and run.

Mile 1.29 – Rooster Tail: Class II. Read and run.

Mile 1.56 – Hellgate Bridge: Built in 1965, Hellgate bridge spans 350 feet.

Mile 2.31 – Indian Mary Put-In: River Left. Indian Mary is a popular staging and put-in area for multi-day Rogue trips that cross into the permit section of the Wild and Scenic Rogue that are longer than four nights.

Mile 2.31 – Indian Mary Campground: River Left. Indian Mary is a large, very nice campground, and there is a boat ramp here. Water and flush toilets are here.

Mile 3.5 – Morrison’s Lodge: River Left. Morrison’s Lodge offers rafting, fishing, and lodging. Their lodge is located on river left on this large eddy.

Mile 4.91 – Ennis Put-In: River Left. This is a popular put-in for half-day trips that are taking out above the Wild and Scenic portion of the Rogue.

Mile 4.98 – Ennis Riffle: Class II. Gentle read and run.

Mile 5.79 – Carpenter’s Island: Mid-channel island. Left or right works.

Mile 6.15 – Upper Galice Chute: Class II. Read and run, this is the first real test for those kayaking.

Mile 6.5 – Lower Galice Chute: Class II. More read and run.

Mile 6.73 – Galice Put-In: River Left. Galice is a commonly used put-in to get in some extra miles above the Wild and Scenic Section. There is a $5 day use fee to use this boat ramp. There used to be a restaurant and bar located here which made it a popular stop for rafters and kayakers. On June 8, 2021, this iconic restaurant burned down.

Mile 7.1 – Rocky Riffle: Class II. Read and run through this right hand turned.

Mile 7.17 – Rocky Gulch Creek: River Left. The rapids namesake enters the river on the left here.

Mile 9.07 – Chair Riffle: Class II. Read and run. Supposedly Zane Grey used to fish from a rock that was shaped like a chair at this spot.

Mile 9.22 – Rand River Access: River Left.

Mile 9.6 – Smullin Visitor Center: River Left. This is the ranger station where you need to stop the day of your trips launch date to pick up your permit for the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue if you are continuing past Grave Creek. Learn more about the Smullin Visitor Center.

Mile 9.83 – Island Riffle: Class II. Take the right channel here. Read and run.

Mile 9.87 – Mark’s Island: Two channels are here, with Island Riffle being the main, right channel.

Mile 10.25 – Almeda Campground: River Left. Almeda is a reservation only campground that offers a convenient boat ramp. With the Rand Ranger Station close by, this campground and put-in is a good and popular option for multi-day trips that are going through into the Wild and Scenic portion of the Rogue.

Mile 10.27 – Almeda River Access: River Left. Probably the most popular put-in for the multi-day, Almeda is convenient due to it’s access to the BLM Rand office and this campground acts as a great staging location for trips.

Mile 10.6 – Almeda Riffle: Class II. A fun read and run.

Mile 11.53 – Jump Rock: River Right. There are a number of different areas to jump here. Pull in just downstream of this jump rock to access them.

Mile 11.89 – Argo Rapid: Class II. This rapid isn’t much at higher flows. At low water, pay attention to the rocks here and right around the corner.

Mile 12.12 – Lower Argo: Class II. Read and run, pay attention to the rocks here at lower flows.

Mile 12.3 – Argo Access: River Left. If you are doing this section as a half or full day, then it is suggested you take out here, opposed to the downstream Grave Creek Boat Ramp due to congestion issues.

Mile 13.8 – Wooldridge Riffle: Class II. Read and run. Grave Creek Bridge should come into view from this rapid. This rapid is named after Glen Wooldridge, whom was the first person to take a boat down the Rogue.

Mile 14.15 – Grave Creek: River Right. This marks the boundary of the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue.

Mile 14.15 – Grave Creek Bridge: The Galice Road crosses the river here and leaves the river corridor, heading up Grave Creek on river right. If you have a permit and continuing into the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue, you won’t see any significant road activity until Foster Bar.

Mile 14.27 – Grave Creek Boat Ramp: River Right. This is the start of the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue, which requires a permit to float through. If you do not have a permit, then you must take out here.

***Heads up! The Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue starts at this point. Permits are required. Click here for that guidebook.***

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