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About Grave Creek Boat Ramp

The official start of the Wild and Scenic portion of the Rogue River, Grave Creek is the furthest downstream put-in for a multi-day Rogue trip. This is the most commonly used access point for trips that are three days or shorter (not that you can do much shorter on the Rogue, but two-day blasts aren’t unheard of.) For longer trips, most will use a further upstream put in, such as Argo, Almeda, or Galice.

The Grave Creek boat ramp is paved but is on the smaller side, so once you get your rafts in the water you will want to move them out of the way for other users. Keep in mind, that there is no cell phone service here or water available here. There are pit toilets and limited day use parking. No camping is allowed at Grave Creek boat ramp.

History of Grave Creek

The ominous name is for Martha Leland Crowley, who was buried near the creek in 1846, underneath an oak tree. She died of thypoid fever at the age of 16.