rock formation on the john day river

John Day River

John Day River Get notified when the John Day guide is available for downloadon the FarOut app with offline navigation, photos, and lifetime updates. Oregon, USA John Day River Guide The John Day River in Oregon, renowned for its scenic beauty and rich geological history, is one of the longest undammed rivers in the contiguous…
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Upper Applegate

Upper Applegate BETA We need your help completing this guide! We have some information regarding the Upper Applegate, but your input is needed if you know this run. Southern Oregon, USA upper Applegate The below was written by Will Volpert of Indigo Creek Outfitters. It originally appeared on Just above Applegate Lake, the Applegate…
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paddle boat rafting on the hood river

Hood River

Hood River Our data, powered by FarOut: Download the #1 app for paddling Hood River. Live, offline location. Photos. 47 waypoints of camps, and POIs. Community comments, and so much more. Oregon, USA The Hood River Rafting Guidebook The Hood River in far northern Oregon offers rafter and kayakers the best all around Class IV…
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Illinois river

Illinois River

Illinois River Our data, powered by FarOut: Download the #1 app for rafting the Illinois River. Live, Offline location. 68 waypoints of rapids, camps, and POIs. 45 photos. Community comments, and so much more. Oregon, USA Illinois River Rafting Guidebook The Illinois River is a tributary to the Rogue River and boasts 31 miles of…
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Upper Klamath

Upper Klamath Download the #1 app for rafting the Upper Klamath Oregon, USA Upper Klamath River Rafting Guide Spilling out of the J.C. Boyle Dam a few miles upstream, the Upper Klamath River has remarkably consistent flows throughout the year. This section of whitewater, offers some of the best continuous action for a Class IV…
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Wild Scenic Rogue

Wild & Scenic Rogue Download the #1 app for rafting the Wild and Scenic Rogue River. Oregon, USA Wild & Scenic Rogue River guide The famous Wild and Scenic Rogue. Probably the most popular multi-day rafting trip on the west coast. And for good reason too. Amazing wildlife, warm water, exhilarating but not terrifying rapids…
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