House Rock Rapid, Grand Canyon

Left scout. There is a trail leading from the left bank to an overview point above the start of the rapid. This is an important rapid to scout, as varying water flows will affect how far right you can go in the rapid without getting stuck.

All of the current in the House Rock pushes towards two huge holes at the bottom left. Those holes have flipped quite a few boats – steer clear. A good run starts on the right side of the tongue, pulling right, with a 90 degree angle to the current. Push through the right side of the tongue and work your way down along the right side of the rapid. The rapid is shallow on the right, so it is important not to dip your oars too deep. Going to far right can lead to boats getting spun or stuck on the rocks. Keep calm, hold your angle, and you will be fine. It is standard to run a couple of small pour-overs sideways on the right side.

If you want to camp at House Rock Camp, get ready to pull hard to the right out of the tail waves of the rapid.

Scouting House Rock.

Staring down the pipeline at the huge left holes.

Cleared it. Passing to the right of the first big hole. The boater is pushing at this point – having turned after hitting one of the pour-overs on the right side of the rapid.

Oh yeah! These stoked boaters are passing by one of the big-left side holes.