Redwall Cavern

About Redwall Cavern

Redwall Cavern is one of the most remarkable landmarks on the Canyon. The sheer size of the Cavern is mind boggling. John Wesley Powell notably estimated that around 50,000 people could fit in the cave if need be. The size of the cave can be deceiving from a distance – the enormous walls of Marble Canyon can make the cave seem small at first sight.

When pulling in to the eddy, go as far downstream as you are comfortable before entering the Redwall eddy. The eddy is powerful and is remarkably difficult to fight against if you pull-in too high.

Make sure you leave no trace of your visit. This is a special place, and one that is shared by many people. Remember, no camping or fires!

Looking downstream at Redwall Cavern during the final approach. Make sure not to catch the eddy too high!

Looking out from the center of Redwall Cavern. Human for scale!

You can play all sorts of games in Redwall. Get in a costume and toss a frisbee for a good time.

Looking downstream from the beach at Redwall Cavern. The next few miles are some of the Canyon’s most gorgeous.