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About Granite Camp

Granite Camp is a decent and popular camp. Its location makes it desirable because it allows you to knock out the big rapids just downstream without the worry of running out of daylight. (Granite, Hermit Rapid, and Crystal Rapid.) It’s also the only large camp in the area too. You have easy access to check out Granite Rapid and hopefully, if you’re timing is right, you can watch other groups running it.

The kitchen area is close to where you park the boats. Tent sites are scattered downstream. This camp and Hermit camp, just downstream, are popular with backpackers, so you may end up sharing them.

Tamarisk, a non-native plant, was a big issue here and in 2013 the NPS, in coordination with volunteers, began working to remove it. “Crews worked one week a month November-February to remove 1,584 tamarisk trees from the site. The majority of the work was done by volunteers who donated 1,575 hours to the project.” Click here to learn more about this restoration project.