Granite Rapid

Pull in on river left just above the start of the rapid to scout Granite. If you enjoy camping above big rapids, or if you need to, the scout is from the beach of a large camp. A detailed description of the camp is here.

Granite is one of the most enjoyable rapids on the river. The left bend of the river pushes current into the right wall. The famous “Dragon’s Spine” in Granite is formed by left laterals mid-channel that collide with rebounding right-lateral waves coming off the right cliff. A good run in Granite starts center-right at the top and rides down the spine, splitting the middle of the lateral wave train. It is important to be ready to adjust your angle quickly if you are heading towards hitting any of the laterals sideways. Many boats have flipped when they stray from the center of the Spine. Do not get too close to the cliff on river right. There is a large hole at the bottom of the rapid that is easily avoided to the right.

A clean run down Granite Rapid at medium flows.

A similarly clean line through Granite. Note that the boater is shifting his angle back and forth to tee up to the laterals at the top of the rapid.