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About Carbon Canyon

Carbon Canyon is a great side-hike on a canyon trip. The cool-temperature of slot canyon provides respite from the heat of Carbon Camp. In Carbon Canyon there are sections of Tapeats and Dox sandstone that are pronounced and will be sure to excite the geologists among the group. You can link a hike up Carbon Canyon with a trip to Lava Canyon. After hiking a little over a mile up Carbon Canyon you will emerge onto a butte. From there, turn left, and make your way along the trail towards Lava Canyon. You can hike down Lava Canyon back to the Colorado for a total hiking distance of just over 3.5 miles. The Lava Chuar rock group in Lava Canyon is only found in a few places on the canyon.

One good option for the hike is to set a “shuttle” where part of the group hikes from Carbon to Lava, and the other trip mates stay behind at Carbon to row down to Lava and pick the hikers up at the end of their walk.