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About Diamond Creek Take Out

Diamond Creek Take-Out is the most popular take-out option for non-commercial rafting trips. The take-out is on Hualapai land, and there are additional usage requirements as well as fees as a result. The Hualapai run their own river trips starting in the morning, and outfitter take-out times at Diamond Creek fall on either side of the Hualapai usage. During the summer, expect a 6:30 am take-out at Diamond. In other parts of the year, 11 am is also a standard take-out time.

It is important to show up on time to your take-out both out of respect to the Hualapai, and to reduce congestion at Diamond. Most boaters camp between mile 220 and 224 the night before take-out. When you arrive at Diamond, make sure to occupy as little space as possible both at the shore and on the beach itself. Several parties may show up while you are de-rigging, and keeping gear organized is crucial to making sure the process is seamless for everyone at Diamond.

If the beach is crowded upon arrival, it is extra important to catch the eddy high so as not to risk running into Diamond Creek Rapid. There are few mistakes more embarrassing/consequential than missing take-out!

If you hired an outfitter, they will give you specific instructions on whether or not to begin de-rigging/deflating boats if your party arrives in advance of their vehicle. It is always safe to begin de-rigging personal equipment and making a neat pile the beach upon arrival.

During the summer monsoon season, the road to Diamond Creek Beach is prone to flooding damage. Note that it often be a full day before the road re-opens. If you intend to take-out at Diamond Creek during the monsoon season it is important to be flexible by a couple of days with your return date.