Elves Chasm

About Elves Chasm

Elves Chasm is accessible from the river via a 5 minute hike up Royal Arch creek. The easier trail is on the left side of the creek (facing away from the Colorado). Elves Chasm is a gorgeous pool with hanging ferns and occasional flowers. It is a beautiful place to hang out on a warm day. It is possible to climb up and jump off of the waterfall.

Person jumping into the pool at Elves Chasm.


A person jumping into the pool at Elves Chasm.

The climb to the jump area starts where the people are sitting in this photo. Be careful on the slippery rocks.

A person posing at the top of the falls at Elves Chasm.

A Josh Brolin look-a-like posing in the Chasm.

The hiking trail to Elves Chasm.

The final approach to the Chasm.