83 Mile Rapid

About 83 Mile Rapid

This rapid is uniquely challenging not due to the rapid features themselves, but because of the entrance eddy. The rapid itself features large pour overs that span from river left to center, with a clean wave train tongue right of center and obviously right of these pour-overs. The issue is, upstream, there is an enormous eddy on center and river right that would be hard to just push through. This means you must ride the eddyline which places you upstream of the large pour overs and then work right to get yourself into position for the correct entrance in the wave train. In the wave train, there is a large wave that’s clean to run and then finally at the bottom, look out for the bottom right wall.

83 mile rapid
83 mile rapid

Screenshot from the below video showing the center and left ugliness. Very clear channel on river right though.

Video unfortunately started just after clearing the eddy, but at least you can see why you want to avoid the center and left.