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About Nankoweap Granaries

The Nankoweap Granaries are a renowned spot on the Grand Canyon. The Anasazi People, early inhabitants of the region, built the granaries around 1100 AD. The granaries, dug into the canyon wall, were used by the Anasazi for storage of seeds and food. Today, it is possible to hike up to the granaries from the Nankoweap camps. The hike is challenging, but it is well worth the time. In addition to the granaries, the top of the hike has one of the best downstream views on a canyon river trip.

It is very important to keep this site intact. You are allowed to sit on the ledges below the entrances to the Nankoweap granaries, but make sure you don’t get closer to the granaries than that. Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy and learn from this site for another 1,000 years.