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About Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch is located in Bright Angel Canyon just off the Colorado. The Ranch has many functions including campgrounds, a ranger station, a basic store, water/restrooms, and historical sites. The Ranch is a popular stop for boaters who pull-off onto the Phantom Ranch Beach. Try to keep your boats consolidated on the beach if you visit, as multiple parties may stop at Phantom Ranch at once. Water refills are available just a short walk up the canyon. The walk to the Ranch itself is about a half-mile up Bright Angel creek. If you have questions or want to get an updated weather report, swing by the info board just up from boat beach. The weather report is posted by the front door of the Ranger Station. The general store is just a bit further up the trail from the ranger station. The store sells lemonade, among other delicious treats. You can also mail postcards, with a special Phantom Ranch stamp, from the general store.

The Phantom Ranch area is used as an exchange area for boaters only doing part of a trip. There are two trails used to access Phantom Ranch, the South Kaibab Trail and the Bright Angel Trail. Note that although the South Kaibab Trail is the shorter of the two, it does not have any water and it has very limited shade. During the summer months, it is recommended to take Bright Angel. During the winter and shoulder seasons, South Kaibab is a great option although heat and fitness should always be considered.

Phantom Ranch weather

Phantom Ranch weather conditions (7-day forecast) can be found at this NWS weather link.

Average Phantom Ranch high and low by month

  • January: 56.7, 37
  • February: 63.7, 41.5
  • March: 72.4, 47.3
  • April: 81.9, 54.4
  • May: 92.1, 63.2
  • June: 102.6, 71.8
  • July: 106, 76.6
  • August: 102.6, 74.4
  • September: 95.6, 68.3
  • October: 83, 57.5
  • November: 67.7, 45.7
  • December: 56.7, 37.6