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About Pumpkin Springs

Pumpkin Springs is a mysterious, warm pool of water that sits just above the Colorado. The springs contain high levels of arsenic, copper, zinc, and lead. The water is poisonous. It is not advised to touch the pool. The name comes from the pumpkin shape with it’s rounded walls and vertical stripes. The National Park Service has identified this spring type as a “(Carbonate) mound-form” which “Emerges from a mineralized mound, frequently at magmatic or fault systems.”. You can learn the 9 other types of springs found in the Grand Canyon at this link.

There is a nice jump rock just upstream of the springs. You can pop into the Colorado and swim back to the eddy where you park your boats for the walk up to the springs.

Morgan Heimer mystery

Morgan Heimer, a commercial guide on day 6 of a motor trip, was last seen around this point on June 2, 2015. He has never been found despite an extensive search. Details of his disappearance can be found here.