River Mileage


River Left

Silver Grotto Canyon can be explored from Shinumo Wash camp or as a multi-hour canyoneering journey. For those looking to explore the canyon out of camp, simply hike to the mouth and scramble as high as you can go. You will run into deep pools of water quickly, so bring a drysuit or wetsuit if you intend on wading.

For those intending to canyoneer the easiest approach from Silver Grotto is by boating downstream to a small beach on river left just above Fence Fault Rapid that functions as a trailhead to the top of the canyon. This plan works when part of a group canyoneers, and the rest remains at Shinumo Wash. If you are looking for detailed instructions on how to run the canyon, we recommend finding a copy of Todd Martin’s Grand Canyoneering book, called “Grand Canyoneering: Exploring the Rugged Gorges and Secret Slots of the Grand Canyon”. Unfortunately. it is no longer in print and can be hard to find.

Silver Grotto Canyon is a gem of the GC – if you get the opportunity to canyoneer it, make sure you do!