Horn Creek Rapid

Horn Creek is the second Class VIII of the Grand Canyon, and the first you will come upon after stopping at Phantom Ranch. Horn Creek marks the beginning of Granite Gorge, in which some of the tougher rapids on the canyon lie.

Horn Creek Rapid should be scouted from the right, and you can see the rapid in its entirety from this vantage point. At lower flows, you’ll notice that two large pourovers at the left side of the rapid at the top. These are known as “The Horns”. You can split the difference between these two pourovers, An alternate line is to pull hard to the left from the top, but you will really have to work to get out of the smokin’ wave train.

At higher flows,

Looking upstream, the raft enters the rapid between the two pour overs. This is probably about 1,500 CFS. The other rafts in the background are pulled over on River Right in the far upstream eddy.

Don’t forget to leave space for the kitchen crew between the wall and the tables.

We had set up our chair area downstream from the kitchen and this worked fine.

Idaho rock. Gerber pliers for scale.