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About Horn Creek Rapid

Horn Creek is the second Class 8 of the Grand Canyon, and the first you will come upon after stopping at Phantom Ranch.

How to run Horn Creek Rapid

Horn Creek Rapid should be scouted from the right, as you can see the rapid in its entirety from this vantage point. At lower flows, you’ll notice two large pour overs on the left side of the rapid at the top. These are known as “The Horns.” An option is to go between these pour overs, which is a move called splitting the horns. Done successfully this will then set you up well for the rest of the rapid. Another option is to enter right and pull hard left, just behind the right horn, which if you’re pulling hard, will also clear you of the large features in the center and right.

Whether you split the horns or run right to left, pay attention to the bottom left wall at the very end of the rapid, as rafts can flip off of this feature.