Main Nankoweap

Main Nankoweap is a large camp that has ample winter sun and provides a number of activities to do from camp. The camp is on the lower end of a large eddy that offers ample room for your boats. At lower flows, there are large sandy beaches in the eddy to play frisbee or to fish from. The camp offers a large open area for your kitchen and dining area and many nooks to set-up individual campsites in the shrubs. The best part of this camp is the great number of exploration opportunities, including one of the most scenic downriver views in the canyon.

The Nankoweap Granaries are a relatively short, but straight uphill hike just upstream from camp. Built over 1000 years ago, the granaries are a series of square holes set into the rock used to store ancient Puebloan food and are a great reminder of how long people have inhabited this seemingly “uninhabitable” desert. The bonus perk of this hike is the absolutely stunning downstream view of the straight river corridor and meandering river cutting into it. If one has time for a larger hike, consider incorporating some exploration up Nankoweap Creek itself which can connect all the way to the North Rim.

Nankoweap Granary Doors

The Granaries themselves.

Nankoweap Downstream View

The iconic downriver view from the perch of the granaries.

Granary Trail

The hike out of camp is steep but provides amazing views

Afternoon Winter Sun

Afternoon sun and “low tide” gives the perfect excuse to explore the sandbars that show up in the eddies around camp