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About Bedrock Rapid

Scouting Bedrock is suggested and is easily done on river right.
Bedrock Rapid is a consequential rapid. A large rock island in the middle of the river splits the river into a left and right channel. You can get into trouble here by failing to make the move around the rock island and flipping off of this feature.

How to run Bedrock Rapid

The line is to go right of the island. To do this, enter the rapid right of center and pull right. Be careful to not move right too early as you can bounce off the right shoreline.
Sometimes, rafts will miss the move, not flip off of the rock and then end up in the left channel. This is a challenging position to be in as the current and eddy here are very swift, and the eddy is difficult to get out of. If you end up over here, stay calm, work hard to exit the eddy without getting pushed against the rock, and be ready for some high siding.