Bedrock Rapid

How to run Bedrock Rapid

Scout Bedrock on river right if you are at all unsure about the line.

Bedrock Rapid is a consequential rapid. A large rock island in the middle of the river splits the river into a left and right channel. The line is to go right of the island. To do this, enter the rapid in the center of the current. At low and medium flows, the right shore is very rocky. The key with Bedrock is to pull right of the rock island, but not too early or too hard, to avoid getting caught or spun on the rocks near the shoreline. Hold your angle at nearly perpendicular to the current, keep your pull consistent, and make sure you make it right of the pillow coming off the middle of the rock island. It is possible to flip rafts off of that pillow.

If you miss your move and go left, be prepared for some high-consequence moves. There is an extremely strong eddy against the left shore, in-line with the boulder island. This eddy is known to keep gear and swimmers for a while. It is to be avoided.  Try to stay close to the boulder and pull hard right as the river bends sharply to the right. There are gnarly currents on the left side of the river that will make this difficult. Many boats have flipped off the wall at the back of the left channel.

Rafters scouting Bedrock Rapid in the Grand Canyon

Scouting Bedrock on river right.

A raft pulling right in Bedrock Rapid in the Grand Canyon

Pulling towards river right. Stay just off the rocks.

A raft pulling right in Bedrock Rapid in the Grand Canyon

The final pulls.

A boat clear of the rock in Bedrock Rapid in the Grand Canyon