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About Kanab Rapid

Kanab rapid is a favorite of mine because it’s incredibly long and it’s very mellow. Because of this, I love encouraging anyone new or green to rowing to jump on the oars. The length of the rapid gives them plenty of time to play with angles, ferries and in general, get a feel for the water. If you are to do this, there are places where the rapid gets shallow and it’s important to remind them to watch their downstream oar so they don’t pop it. In the same thread of this being a ‘newbie’ rapid, if you’ve pulled over at Kanab Canyon (highly recommended, it’s beautiful) take a minute with your new guide and scout the top of the rapid with them and come up with a gameplan so they have goals as to what they are trying to accomplish when they enter Kanab.

How to run Kanab Rapid

Anyway, you probably want to hear specifics about the rapid and not just why you should let someone else row it. As mentioned, it’s fairly mellow and for the most part, read and run. My one tip is to enter center or right of center so that way you’re well away from the possibility of playing tag with the wall on the left that follows you for a while.