Doris Rapid

About Doris Rapid

This rapid is named after Doris Nevill, who with her husband Norm Neville, were commercial whitewater pioneers in the 1930s and 1940s. Upriver, Nevill’s rapid and camp are named after them as well.

How to run Doris Rapid

Doris Rapid is characterized by a large wave train down the center and a boat flipping hole right of center / right. What makes it tricky is the hole can be hard to spot as you enter and if you’re not paying attention to where you are (not reading the rapid descriptions) you may be tempted to go over there to avoid the wave train. Obviously, this would be bad news as the feature comes into focus.

Stick to the center or left of center to avoid this hole and have fun.

You can see the large hole on the right as the raft enters the wave train.

Another angle showing the wave train and hole from a motor rig.