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About Georgie Rapid

Originally named 24 Mile Rapid, the name Georgie is for Georgie White, one of the original commercial outfitters on the Grand Canyon and notably the one that started lashing big rubber pontoon boats together. The rapid name change occurred in October of 2001 and was decided by a 3 – 2 vote.

How to run Georgie Rapid

This rapid can be easily scouted on river right. Georgie’s is one of the bigger ones of the roaring 20’s. A glassy tongue right of center feeds you into a large standing wave. The left side of the wave is a lateral, which you can punch through which then sets you up to move away from the pin rock located at the bottom right of the rapid. Like all laterals, it’s important to square up to it to avoid getting cork screw flipped. The other option is to run the seam between this wave and the far right hole, which at low flows tends to be the preferable route.

Marc Hunt does an excellent job describing the rapid (start at marker 35:12) and is linked here.