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About Opposite Deer Creek

Opposite Deer Creek is a popular camp due to the stunning views of Deer Creek Falls, just across the river. It’s not a great camp in terms of tent sites, or flat terrain, but there is a decent kitchen and hang out zone close to the water. Tent sites work their way back up the side canyon. The groover site is located a short ways upstream.

Ferrying between camp and Deer Creek is not an easy endeavor as the current is deceivingly strong. If you’re picking up hikers completing the Thunder River loop, don’t forget their PFDs. The move from camp to Deer Creek is relatively easy, just start high and keep your angle as you pull across the river. Coming back, from Deer Creek to camp, is where the challenge comes in. You will want to carefully row your boat as high up the river right shoreline as possible. The goal is to start upstream of where your camp landing beach is located. Once you’ve done this, begin the ferry with a steady, aggressive pull, and most importantly, keep your angle as you move across the current. If you did it correctly, you’ll feel good about hitting your mark when you’re about halfway across. If you’re not feeling great about your odds around the halfway mark, keep pulling and maintain your 45 degree angle because by this point you can’t head back to Deer Creek and try again. Stay calm and pull harder.