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About Deer Creek Falls

Deer Creek Falls is a must stop. Known by the local Native Americans as the birthplace of humanity, this site will leave a lasting impact on you. There are multiple activities you can do at Deer Creek Falls.

The beach at Deer Creek Falls is large and sandy, a wonderful place to hang out, dry out, and enjoy some beautiful scenery. Access to the falls themselves from the river involves a bit of a scramble up Deer Creek. You can wade in the pool below Deer Creek Falls, and feel the power of the wind from the waterfall. A steep trail that begins downstream of the falls will take you up above Deer Creek Falls and into Deer Creek Narrows (please stay out of the crevasse itself, this site has been closed to preserve this sacred site).

Deer Creek Falls is also where the through-hike to Thunder River ends, making this one of the best all-around hikes in the Grand Canyon.

Video of Deer Creek Falls.