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About Lower Blacktail

There are a number of camps in close proximity here, likely due to the popularity of Blacktail Canyon. Lower Blacktail provides easy (walkable) access to Blacktail Canyon. The camp itself is located on a high, rocky bench, immediately following Blacktail Rapid. This is a gorgeous camp that is deceivingly small. While the bench itself is large, there are large rocks everywhere that make most of it unusable. Kitchen and tent sites have been practically created overtime as people have moved these rocks to the side to allow for space. Camping on the tapeats shelf is an option too, just be sure-footed as you make your way up there. The eddy here is large, so if you get caught up in the excitement of the Blacktail wavetrain, it is possible to catch the eddy low, basically missing camp, and follow the upstream eddy current back to camp.