Grand Canyon of the Colorado is Online

Photo courtesy of Byron Roos-Collins

The most famous river trip in the United States, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, is now online.

There is nothing like a trip down the Grand Canyon. If you are lucky enough to score permit, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful and exciting stretches of river on the planet. The enormous walls, breathtaking solitude, and challenging rapids of the Grand Canyon are a mecca for boaters everywhere.

Our guidebook is broken into three sections, from Lee’s Ferry to Phantom Ranch, Phantom Ranch to Diamond Creek, and Diamond Creek to Pearce Ferry. The split up is to make the amount of data manageable for consumption and to break up sections by possible take-out locations.

The data for the Grand Canyon was collected on private trips down the Canyon and was cross-verified by data provided by the NPS.

The Grand Canyon guidebook and map can be found here.

Special thanks and photo credits:

  • The Grand Canyon NPS for sharing their GPS waypoints for rivers and campsites.