Grand Canyon Rapids

Rafting the Grand Canyon will take you through hundreds of miles of amazing canyon scenery and countless rapids. These rapids are categorized on a 1 – 10 scale. Below are all the Class 6 through 10 rapids sorted from largest to smallest. If you are looking for the rapids organized by mileage, then please visit our Grand Canyon guide page.

Class 10 Grand Canyon Rapids

Class 9 Grand Canyon Rapids

  • Located towards the end of the trip, Lava Falls Rapid, is the most anticipated rapid on the Grand Canyon. This is the only Class 9 rapid on the Grand Canyon.

Class 8 Grand Canyon Rapids

  • A long, challenging rapid, Hance Rapid, is no joke. You can (and should) scout this one on river right. Hance Rapid is located at river mile 77.2
  • Horn Creek Rapid seems to get harder as the water gets lower. Do you split the horns or go for the daring right to left move?
  • You’re going to get wet in this rapid, guaranteed. Granite Rapid is action-packed with big waves and a close wall encounter.
  • The famous wave train that feels more like a roller coaster than a rapid, Hermit Rapid is all smiles…unless you don’t square up to the waves. This Class 8 rapid is a fun one.
  • The 1983 high water event made this rapid famous. Crystal Rapid features a monster hole with a tricky pull to the right of it.
  • Appropriately named, Upset Rapid has a raft-flipping hole that tends to tractor-beam boats into it.

Class 7 Grand Canyon Rapids

  • Hard to spell, Deubendorff “Duby” rapid features excellent waves that lead you into a big finish.
  • House Rock Rapid is massive but an expert oarsman can run a dry line.
  • A boxing term, Sockdolager Rapid will knock your socks off.
  • This long rapid has a lot going on at the top, middle and bottom. Keep your eyes out in Grapevine Rapid.
  • Serpentine Rapid is a fast rapid with a fun wave train located at river mile 106.5
  • Perhaps the most famous Class 7 on the Grand Canyon, Bedrock Rapid gets harder as the water gets lower.

Class 6 Grand Canyon Rapids

  • An enormous hit makes up the bulk of Georgie Rapid
  • Just downstream of Georgie’s is 24.5 Mile Rapid, another Class 6.
  • The Roaring 20’s is aptly named as you continue downriver to 25 Mile Rapid
  • Tanner Rapid has large waves you can avoid to the left.
  • A large hole at the top of Basalt Rapid needs to be avoided for a clean run.
  • Unkar Rapid seems to go on forever and is a fun one.
  • Named for an original Grand Canyon outfitter, Nevill’s Rapid has steep holes throughout.
  • Tuna Creek Rapid is just downstream of Crystals, which means it won’t seem like a big deal once you’re here.
  • Continuing through the gems, Sapphire Rapid has a couple large holes in it.
  • Walthenburg has a steep wave train on the left.
  • Thread the needle between the hole and the wall in Specter Rapid.
  • 205 Mile Rapid, also known as Kolb, is a crowd pleaser.
  • With three names, Killer Fang Falls/Honeymoon Rapid/232 Mile Rapid has a devastating fan of rocks that you must avoid.

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