Boat nap at Elves Chasm

Continuing the vein of “big lists” this post is a list of whitewater forums and online communities. We’ve broken out the communities by the following:

  • Active, non-region specific
  • Active, region specific **There are tons of Facebook groups that fit this category, please help us keep this list up to date and comment with what we are missing**
  • No longer active

Non-region specific active communities

Whitewater focused forums that are active and not tied to a specific river or region.

  • Mountain Buzz. Probably the most active forum outside of region-specific Facebook groups. Posters refer to themselves as “Buzzards”. Primarily rafters, but plenty of kayakers too.
  • /r/whitewater. There’s a subreddit for everything, including rafting and kayaking. Mostly kayaking in this subreddit.

Region or river specific online communities

There are lots of groups that are dedicated to a single river or area. Most are found on Facebook. Once this list gets long, we’ll break them out by state. Please help us keep this list up to date: We are missing tons of Facebook groups in this list, please comment and we’ll add them.

No longer active

These are the communities that were once huge and are no longer online

  • Boater Talk. This was a big one back in the day. From their homepage: “Thank you for being a part of the BoaterTalk community. I deeply appreciate you and I am honored that you enjoyed the site.”
  • Professor Paddle. Not dead but not that active either.

Help us out! We are missing tons of Facebook groups in the region-specific section, please comment and we’ll add them in.

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