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About the Rainie Falls Fish Ladder

The Fish Ladder is located far river right just upstream from Rainie Falls. It serves as an alternate route around the main waterfall and the middle chute. Rafts up to 18 feet have fit through this narrow channel, however, rafts of all sizes are likely to get stuck, so taking your time and giving space to boaters is necessary to get through this point.

How to run the Rainie Falls Fish Ladder

Class III. The most commonly taken route around Rainie. The entrance is all the way on river right, and the channel parallels the right bank. Often more about luck than skill. At higher water levels there is plenty of water running through, so just take care to keep your craft straight and watch your oars. At lower levels numerous rocks emerge, providing many opportunities to get stuck. It is recommended to ship your oars and use a paddle to steer from the bow of the boat. Do your best to keep momentum and avoid bridging at the exit.

Note: From the entrance, it is impossible to see whether or not a craft has made it through, so it is recommended to give one long whistle blow once each boat has exited the Fish Ladder to indicate that the next may proceed down.