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About Rainie Falls

Rainie Falls was named after old man Rainie who lived in a small cabin below the falls and made a living by gaffing salmon. (Gaffing is the practice of using a stick with a long hook or barbed spear to land large fish). Today the falls is also the location of the Middle Chute and Fish Ladder, which are alternatives to running the main drop. The Fish Ladder is man made, blasted out by Glen Woolridge in the early 1900s who used dynamite to open up many of the rapids on the Rogue. Glen Woolridge is considered a pioneer River Runner of the Rogue. He shaped his first boat to run down the Rogue in 1915, and began guiding fishing trips in 1917. His legacy of building boats and blasting rapids has helped distinguish the Rogue River as a place of adventure.

How to run the Rainie Falls Fish Ladder

The Fish Ladder is the most common line for Rainie Falls. Click here to learn how to run the Fish Ladder.

How to run the Middle Chute

Class IV. One step down from Rainie, but just as fun when run right. The entrance is quite difficult to spot, so unless someone in your party is familiar with it, the Fish Ladder is the recommended route. Enter to the right of the main falls by maneuvering between several small rocks. As the river’s flow becomes channelized and turns slightly to the left, you are about to enter. As soon as you enter the chute, ship your oars and let the river do the rest for one, two, or three drops (depending on the water level). The passage is narrow, so be sure to have both oars tightly tucked in.

How to run Rainie Falls

Class V. The one and only Class V on the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue. As the water drops the falls steepen, and are defined by huge hydraulics and recirculating water. Not recommended to run unless you have previous and significant boating experience. That said, it is highly recommended to go look at it. Pull in upstream on river left and tie your craft up well. Follow the trail on river left (watch out for poison oak) that will bring you to a rock outcropping that overlooks the falls. A great spot for photos.