Receiving a letter at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is like having a second Christmas. Below is the Phantom Ranch mailing address, better known as the Boatman’s Mail Address, and other information regarding this special address.

Mailed by mule. Photo by Irene Tong. Source. License information here

Boatman’s Mail Address

Below is the address to send mail to someone to Phantom Ranch. Only postcards and letters are accepted. Packages were no longer accepted starting April 15, 2013.

Boatman’s Name
Phantom Ranch (River Runners Mail)
PO Box 1266
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Sending mail from Phantom Ranch

While the Phantom Ranch general store does carry postcards, stamps, and pens, occasionally they do run out, so it’s best to plan ahead and bring your own. Additionally, if you’re trying to make a quick trip at Phantom Ranch, writing your postcards in advance before you arrive at Phantom will help with time management.

Be sure to use the “Mailed by Mule” stamp before sticking your postcard in the outbox.

Final notes

  • This should be obvious but if you’re sending a letter to Phantom, don’t try to time it with the trip, just send it well in advance.
  • The “mailbox” gets packed and unfortunately, some of that is due to mail being missed by the person, which means the postcard or letter will sit there for a considerable length of time until tossed. Consider putting a “discard if not picked up by day/month/year” date notation on the envelope to help the Phantom Ranch staff know when an item can be tossed if it doesn’t get picked up.
  • The boatman’s mailbox is not an official USPS address. It is funded entirely by Xanterra, the concessionaire.

Featured photo by NPS. Source. Some rights reserved.

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