A swath of the United States from Texas to Maine will expire a total solar eclipse in less than a month, on April 8, 2024. This area will see the entire sun blocked by the moon in totality for just a few minutes, with a partial eclipse lasting hours.

While the Grand Canyon isn’t in the totality belt, it will experience a decent partial eclipse, maxing out at 51%. The sun will be most hidden at 11:26AM with the eclipse starting at 10:16AM and ending at 12:38PM.

As a reminder, always wear protective eclipse glasses if you are looking at the sun during this period.

While you are very likely to have the sun overhead at that hour in most places in the Grand Canyon, you can always double-check ahead of time if you estimate your location using the app ShadeMap.

Which river will get to experience the upcoming solar eclipse the best? Santa Elena Canyon in Texas looks to be a big winner with the sun reaching more than 90% obscured in that location.

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