Wildcat Rapid

How to run Wildcat Rapid

As you finish Tyee Rapid and pass by Tyee Camp you’ll float through a short, straight section of calm water. At the end of this calm section is Wildcat Rapid. The entrance of Wildcat Rapid is marked by a split of the river around an island. The normal line is to take the right channel around the island. This channel will quickly pick up current and isn’t very wide. The key here is to be far enough right in the channel that you’re not going underneath the brush that overhangs into the river from the right shore, and not being so far left that you’re set up poorly for your next move.

As the island ends and both channels come together again, you will need to start making your way towards the right to avoid rocks in the center of the river that can hang you up, wrap or flip you. This rock pile is often referred to as Alligator Rock. The current gets stronger as you approach Alligator Rock so be diligent with your angle and your pulls. Once passed these center rocks you’re through.

Wildcat rapid on the Rogue River, overview

The image above shows the general line through Wildcat Rapid. There is also a left line – left around the island and left of Alligator rock – but it is less common.

This video shows the entrance right channel and the overhanging brush. Both rafts end up going into the bottom center rock, which you want to avoid. Link to video.