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About Slim Pickins Rapid

A large mid river boulder splits this rapid into two sides. Either side can be run by rafts, but the passage to the left of the boulder is most commonly taken.

How to run Slim Pickins Rapid

Left side: At all water levels, the main flow is pushing towards the left bank, so set up early and maintain your position to pass just left of the rock. Straighten out as you pass by the rock to punch through the tail waves. At water levels below 2,000 CFS, a small boulder cluster begins to emerge just upstream of the center boulder. Thread the needle by passing just to the right of this cluster and to the left of the center boulder.

Right side: Much narrower than its left counterpart, this passage has you running right between the right bank and center boulder. Not recommended for rafts unless you have previous experience. The passage requires precise oar management, and there is potential to break an oar along the midriver boulder or right bank.