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About Rogue River Ranch

Located less than a quarter of a mile from the river, Rogue River Ranch is a wonderful historical stop. This is a National Historic Site and offers a small museum, water refill, an outhouse, swimming hole, and more. There are 4 buildings still open to the public, including the blacksmith, the tackhouse, the tabernacle, and the main house museum.

From the BLM RRR brochure: “…Once a major Native American site, there is evidence of over 9,000 years of Native American habitation. In the 1880s, the site evolved into a small gold-mining community, with up to 100 residents trying to scratch a living from the gold-bearing gravel bars of the Rogue River. The ranch structures remaining today represent the center of the old community of Marial. The ranch hosted a trading post with lodging in the second story, a blacksmith’s shop, and numerous outbuildings that served the early residents’ social and commercial needs.”