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About Foster Bar

Foster Bar is a long cobble bar takeout. Shuttled vehicles are located in the shuttle lot, a short walk from takeout. There is a scat machine located here as well as trash and toilets. No cell phone service is available. If you are going to float your raft directly onto a trailer, use the furthest downstream ramp, but please be efficient as this ramp is used by jet boats and others. The drive from here back to Galice is one hour and 45 minutes via Bear Camp Road.

The book “From Abbott Butte To Zimmerman Burn: A Place-Name History and Gazetteer of the Rogue River National Forest” by Jeffrey M LaLande has this entry for Foster Creek, just upstream: “This name dates at least to 1910. The creek was possibly named for Forest Examiner Harold D. Foster, although it may well commemorate a sheepherder, hunter, or other earlier visitor to the area. Harold Foster was one of the first professional foresters to serve on the Crater National Forest. Born in 1879, Foster was of old New England Congregationalist stock. He graduated from Williams College, in Massachusetts, and obtained a master’s degree from Yale University’s School of Forestry in 1904. He joined the Forest Service that year and began work at Crater N.F. in 1905. He served as Supervisor of the Mt. Hood and Wenatchee Nation Forests in the 1920s, but heart trouble forced him to take on less strenuous assignments. Foster died in 1947.”