Blossom Bar

About Blossom Bar Rapid

Blossom Bar is a unique rapid that has a difficult entrance. However, once you dissect the entrance to this rapid you will see that it is straightforward. The biggest and most dangerous obstacle in this rapid is the Picket Fence, a row of boulders towards the top that is notorious for getting boats wrapped. There are a few other features throughout the rapid to pay attention to but once you have floated past the Picket Fence, most of the hard work is done.

How to run Blossom Bar

Start off by scouting. The scout on river right offers an excellent view of the rapid and will allow you to come up with a plan of attack. The key to running this rapid successfully is using the current to help pull you around the Picket Fence. If you look at the below map, you will see several rocks in the center of the river. These rocks will be used as your indicator rocks. Another feature to pay attention to is the Purgatory Eddy on river left. By using this eddy, you will be able to set yourself up for success.

As you leave the scout, make your way to river left towards Purgatory Eddy. If you want to make things even easier, you can pull into Purgatory Eddy and start your run from there. As you float past or pull out of, the purgatory eddy you want to have an upstream ferry angle to river right. As you enter, you want to have the stern of your boat as close to the guard rocks as possible without hitting them. Once you enter, wait until you have reached the last guard rock and have an opening to swing in behind rock #1. You want momentum moving towards the rock but you don’t want to bump it. As the stern of your boat enters the slack water behind rock #1, continue pulling and adjusting your angle as needed to keep moving right. At this point in time, your momentum and the river should carry you to the right through the slot just above the Picket Fence. The large rock #2, is okay to bump. Some boaters will even hit this rock on purpose in order to bump their boat into the eddy below the Picket Fence which is called the Picture Eddy. From here, you can continue downstream by going either left or right. There are a few large boulders to avoid and sometimes some sneaker rocks that you may get stuck on but consequences from here to the bottom.

What happens if I bump rock #1? Depends on how you hit it. What you want to avoid is letting it bump you back into the main current or allowing it to turn your boat sideways. If it bumps you back into the current and you find yourself in the Picket Fence, make sure to point the bow of your boat directly at the Picket Fence, in an effort to prevent your raft from wrapping.

Good luck and have fun. Be sure to watch the videos towards the bottom of this page too, they will help you visualize the move quite a bit.

Blossom bar rapid rogue river satellite view

Video showing many different angles of the rapid. Link to video.

Cool drone angle. Link to video.