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About Black Bar Lodge

Black Bar Lodge is the first riverside lodge along the Wild & Scenic section of the Rogue River. Rooms are available at Black Lodge from May 1 through November 1. Rooms are often booked well in advance, so be sure to make your bookings as soon as possible.

A brief history of Black Bar Lodge

Black Bar Lodge was named after gold miner William Black, who was murdered here by Henry Rosenbrook (also known as Dutch Henry). In somewhat grisly fashion, Black’s body was pushed into his boat and sent downstream. Like many locations along the Rogue River, this site was originally used as a gold mining location, with mining operations dating back to the early 1800s and ending around 1887.  The mining claim was purchased by Tom Orderman from gold miners Hal & Bea Witherwox. Construction of Black Bar Lodge began in 1933, and Orderman hired gold miners to assist with the build. After completion, Orderman hired Bea & Hal Witherwox as caretakers of the land, and the lodge was mostly used by Orderman to entertain guests and visit his good friend, Zane Grey. Hal & Bea watched over the land until 1950, when they purchased the land from Orderman. They proceeded to make the property deeded land allowing commercial operations for the first time. Black Bar Lodge operated as a commercial fishing lodge and later a rafting lodge as whitewater rafting became more popular on the Lower Rogue. In 1960, Bill and Sally Hull purchased the land from Bea & Hal and continued to operate Black Bar Lodge as well as raise their two children, Vanessa and Zach Hull. In 1992, Vanessa and her husband, John James, formed a partnership with Sally and Bill Hull to operate Black Bar Lodge. In 2007, Vanessa and John James purchased Black Bar Lodge fully, and continue to operate Black Bar Lodge to this day.

An interesting bit of history is that Orderman and Zane Grey were good friends, and often visited each other. Zane Grey was a well-known Western writer and had his own cabin just a few miles downstream near Winkle Bar.

Black Bar Lodge Rates

Black Bar Lodge has 16 different cabins, offering up to 40 total beds for visitors. All rooms include breakfast, dinner, and morning coffee service at your door.

As of April, 2022 their raft-in rates are the following: $180/ per adult, includes accommodations, dinner on your night of arrival and breakfast. Please note that this rate only applies for Double Occupancy Rooms. Single Occupancy rooms are charged $280/night.

Additional information can be found here. Reservations can also be made by calling 541 479-6507