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About Indian Creek Airstrip

When the Middle Fork gets low, Indian Creek is the preferred airstrip to fly into. Flying into Indian will shave off the first 25 miles of the trip, which at low flows is very shallow, technical, and challenging. All Idaho backcountry airlines will fly into this airstrip.

Indian Creek is also home to a Ranger Station, camp, water resupply, and composting toilet.

Indian Creek Airstrip history

The original airstrip was sketched out in 1936. Construction began a couple of years after that. In 1952, the airstrip was extended by 450 feet. The following year, it was again extended, this time by 1,100 feet. This required a DC-4 Cat to be somehow flown in to make the improvements. This brought the airstrip to its present length of 4,650 feet, which is enormous by backcountry standards. (Interesting enough, the elevation of the airstrip is almost an exact match, coming in at 4,656 feet.)

Which backcountry airlines fly into Indian Creek?

We list the backcountry airlines and their contact information here.

  • Gem Air
  • Sawtooth Flying Service
  • McCall Aviation
  • SP Aircraft
  • Middle Fork Aviation