Indian Creek Guard Station

About Indian Creek Guard Station

There is a well-kept composting toilet here, water, plenty of camping space, a ranger station, airstrip, and boat ramp. While this isn’t a campground that you would typically stay at if you launched from Boundary Creek, this is a good stop if you need to refill water or check the info board.

When the water is low this area is very busy as private and commercial groups will fly in and launch from this point. (A list of backcountry airlines is located here.)

General overview (see below image)

  1. Camping area. You can also camp at the beach, but people will be walking through your camp constantly.
  2. Composting toilet. Two of the nicest composting toilets in the Frank Church Wilderness.
  3. Boat Ramp and info board. The info board is located at the top of the stairs.
  4. Airstrip. Always look both ways before crossing the airstrip.
  5. Water spigots.
  6. Ranger station.
indian creek layout