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About Big Loon

A popular campground, Big Loon offers access to hot springs, good hiking, and cold creek lounging.

The pull in can be tricky as there isn’t an eddy here and there aren’t any decent tie off locations. If the water is up, try to pull in high, grind into the gravel bar and hop out as quickly as you can. Once the first raft is landed, this person should help the other rafts coming in. If you are stopping here but not camping, try to park low on the gravel bar to allow the designated group camping here an easy area to unload.

This campground can get hot, so the cool water from the creek makes for a good dip. Mountain Alder trees provide welcome shade. If you have a large group you can creatively make space but some tents might end up being close together. The camp backs up against a ranch and airfield, so please leave gates exactly how you found them.

Loon Hot Springs

This is the closest camp to Loon Hot Springs, which is about a mile away.

Big Loon hiking

Hiking up Loon Creek is pleasant. You can stop for a quick dip at the hot springs and once you continue on, the creek goes into a beautiful, deep canyon.