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About Loon Creek Hot Springs

Loon Creek hot springs is located approximately one mile up Loon Creek from the confluence. Located right next to the creek, the springs fill a large tub. A refreshing rotation is to soak in the hot springs and then dip in the cold Loon Creek water.

To access the springs from Big Loon camp, head to the back of the camp and find the trail heading away from the river up Loon Creek. Follow this path away from the camp. You’ll pass by a cabin on your right and then you’ll come to a bridge that crosses the creek – head over the bridge and make a left, continuing up the creek. Make sure to leave gates exactly how you found them.

As you continue up the creek keep your eye out for a short, steep path that veers off the trail to the left towards the creek. If you’re not paying attention it can be easy to miss. This will lead you to the springs.