Oscar’s Nightmare

Here the river splits into two channels. As water flows diminish, the left channel no longer becomes an option as it is too shallow, forcing you to run the right channel and rapid.

Above 3000 CFS: At flows above 3000, you can take the left channel which is straightforward and does not have a lot going on.

3000 to 2000 CFS: At these flows you have to take the main, right channel and then maneuver around a large boulder in the middle of the channel. Depending on flows, you can go either right or left of the boulder. The left line requires an early move but is otherwise straightforward. The right line has a pour over just above the large boulder field that can be skirted to the right. Immediately after, the river makes a hard left turn around the backside of the house boulder. While you can skirt the pour over on the left, it will push you towards the house boulder. This boulder typically has a log jam on it and is not a good place to be. The house boulder has also been known to flip boats without a problem.

Below 2000 CFS: Similar to above, you are at flows which force you to take the main, right channel. The rapid is now much more challenging to avoid the main house rock located in the middle of the channel. You can still run left or right of the house rock until around 1,000 CFS, at which point running right of the house rock is preferred.