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About It’s a Dilly

It’s A Dilly is one of the longest rapids on the Lower Kern. It’s so long it goes out of view as it makes its way around the corner. Low or high water it’s Class III, but at high flows, you have one of the biggest holes in the river located here, called The Dilly Hole. This hole is significant but it’s easy to avoid. This rapid was named by the guides of Kern River Tours when the Kern was still being explored by Rick Roberts and his company.

How to run It’s a Dilly

At all flows, the line is generally the same. At the top portion of the rapid, enter center and pick your way through the holes or the rock garden. As you come to the gentle right-hand turn, being cutting the corner to the inside right. At high flows, there is a massive hole located towards the bottom of the rapid stretching from the left shore to left of center. And by massive, I mean enormous, this thing is Grand Canyon sized. It is easy to avoid this hole though by continuing to work towards the right.

At medium flows and lower, this hole washes out but it’s good boating to cut corners, so I still suggest you continue with this line and not get swept to the outside bend.