South Creek Falls offers drive-up access and is just past its confluence from the Upper Kern River. During periods of low flow, it’s not that impressive, but as the water gets higher it becomes more significant. If you’ve never been and you happen to be driving by it, then it’s worth a stop. It’s on the way to many other waterfalls in Sequoia National Forest and the Kern River so it’s an easy stop to make.

Here’s a video of South Creek Falls at high water. Huge!

South Creek Falls on the Kern River
Photo by Kern River Conservancy


Drive up, with very limited parking. From the parking area, there is just a short walk to the fenced area to view it.

South Creek Falls Video

How to get to South Creek Falls

From Kernville, it’s a 30-minute drive up river. Once you pass Johnsondale Bridge, the road will leave the river. Keep following the road another five to ten minutes until you’re there.

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