Running the Rocky Mountains finest rivers since 1979.

ROW Adventures is a family owned whitewater rafting and adventure travel company offering unique experiences that share nature, enrich lives, and exceed expectations.

Rivers and More

With a focus on providing high-quality and transformative experiences, we specialize in a variety of adventure trips, including whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, hiking, and cultural tours. Some of our most notable adventure travel tours being Rafting the Middle Fork Salmon RiverRogue River RaftingGalapagos Unbound Sea Kayaking, and Baja California Sur sea kayaking

No matter the destination we are committed to environmental integrity, conservation, and stewardship, actively supporting and participating in local, state, national, and international conservation efforts.

Hitting the High Watermark 

With a legacy of family ownership since 1979, we have involved owners who play an active role in the company’s operations, ensuring consistency and leadership experience for all adventures. Fueled by a passion for providing transformative travel experiences, our dedicated staff and team of guides go beyond the norm to engage with guests, joining meals, ensuring comfort, connecting people to the places we travel to, and sharing the joy of adventure. At our core we seek to hit the high watermark in ensuring we provide high quality experiences for guests that build trust and loyalty, and meet the expectations of guests both expressed and unexpressed. 

We seek to have, and to share, fun and laughter. We’d love to travel with you. Send us a question! 

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