The Grand Canyon NPS emailed lottery users today regarding the new login instructions for the upcoming 2025 Grand Canyon lottery.

From my own account migration, I found that creating the account and linking my NPS account took only a few minutes. The account introduces two-step verification, with numerous options including text, call, an authentication app, and others. I still don’t understand why the NPS asks for my birthdate every time I log in, and this feature remains. The NPS email on the account creation and linking is below.

Dear Colorado River Enthusiast,

We have made changes to the login process on the Grand Canyon National Park noncommercial river website. You will now be required to use prior to applying for a river trip. For those planning to apply for 2025 launch dates in February, you can prepare now by linking your river account with This will make the process of logging in and selecting launch dates very quick and practically stress free. River Permit Office staff are available to help with any questions now and call volume is expected to remain low during the latter half of January.

The directions below explain how to link the two accounts.

STEP ONE – Have your river user name and river password available
* If you have forgotten your river user name or river password, go to the ‘Forgot river user name or reset old password’ webpage ( and request them BEFORE continuing. Wait for the email to arrive before going on to Step Two.

STEP TWO – Create a separate account, use an email address used in your river account (if you already have a account, skip this step)
1. Go to and create a NEW account.
2. If you have problems with your account, you will need to contact support.
     * support information is available online at
     * Details on how to contact at

STEP THREE – Link your noncommercial river account (profile) to your account
1. Go to the noncommercial river website login page ( and select the ‘Login’ button.
2. Select the ‘Sign in using‘ button.
3. You should see ‘Grand Canyon Noncommercial River Permits is using’ and ‘sign in for existing users.’ This is where you will enter your username and password.

Grand Canyon River Permits Office

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